Government pushes initiative to add EV charge points to petrol stations

Large filling stations will have to provide electric vehicle charging points under ministerial plans to increase people's use of environmentally friendly vehicles.

Operators of a large number of the 8,500 garages in the UK will be obliged to put charging stations on forecourts, after it emerged that many were tricky to get to because they were in side streets.
In addition, the policy will make certain that charging points are properly maintained at all times. At present, as many as a third of the stations are out of order at any one time in some areas.

Service stations that already provide one or more charging points will be obliged to install so-called "rapid" chargers to make it easier for electric cars to be used on long journeys.

The reforms, which have been published in the Vehicle Technology and Aviation Bill, will also eradicate the necessity for motorists to subscribe to multiple electric vehicle charging point services for different devices.

Written by Tristan Shale-Hester
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