Police cruiser pushes burning truck away from restaurant

Police in Texas have released dashcam footage of an officer shunting a burning pick-up away from a drive-through restaurant.

The video shows the officer approaching the scene in Glenn Heights on Saturday with his lights and sirens activated.
The burning Ford pick-up is in the drive-through of the Jack in the Box restaurant on S Beckley Road, but he can't immediately get to it because other vehicles are blocking the way.

Instead, he mounts a grass verge to get behind the truck where, without hesitation, he begins to shunt it forward.

Despite heavy smoke billowing into his car and flames licking at the front of his vehicle, the officer gallantly pushes the Ford away from the restaurant, taking the diners out of danger.

Once the truck is at a safe distance, he reverses away, before calling on his radio: "I have pushed the truck away from the building. I'm not sure if the structure is actually caught on fire but the truck is in the parking lot now."
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