Moose visits man who saved her every day

Caregivers come in all shapes, sizes and in this case - species.

When Erikas Plucas found a two-week old baby moose lying outside his gate - he knew he needed to do something.

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The moose was scared and dangerously skinny.

He told the Dodo that people kept telling him to leave the moose alone. But instead of turning her over to local hunters he kept her and named her Emma.

Plucas bottle fed her, gave her leaves and helped her get rid of the flies that were embedded in her fur.

Thanks to Plucas's love and affection Emma grew up to be a big strong moose.

Eventually she was reintroduced to the forest but that didn't stop her from coming back to visit Plucas.

Now he says he hasn't seen her in about a month. But he followed her trail and is pretty sure she met another moose - so he doesn't expect to see her until the spring.

Something tells us she's definitely coming back.

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