1967 Monte Carlo Rally car could fetch up to £50,000 at auction

A modified Hillman Imp that took part in the 1967 Monte Carlo Rally could sell for as much as £50,000.

The model, reg JDU 46E, will be offered at Richard Edmonds Auctions Chippenham sale on March 4.
Built in 1966 by the Rootes Group, the Imp boasts an impressive racing heritage. Not only did it compete in the 1967 Monte Carlo Rally, but it was also driven in the Netherlands' Tulip Rally.

It was entered into the Coupe des Alpes of the same year in Marseille, France, but was forced to retire from the prestigious competition because of a failed gasket.

Monte Carlo Hillman Imp rally car up for auction
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Monte Carlo Hillman Imp rally car up for auction

The Imp was fixed up and later featured in the UK's first-ever televised rally cross event at Lydden Hill Race Circuit.

While the car is not in perfect condition – current owner Mark Tudge, who lives near Malmesbury, Wiltshire, says its scratched paintwork has been preserved as a reminder of its racing days – it could fetch up to £50,000 thanks to its impressive competition history.

Tudge, who has owned the car since 2013, told the BBC that he was selling the car because of personal reasons.

He reminisced: "I was incredibly lucky to buy the car. I was on holiday in North Wales in 2013 when I saw a classified advert in a local paper selling the car.

"As it was in Cheshire not too far away, I went to see it and met the then owner, a retired banker and rally fan.

"He wouldn't sell the car to me for about a month - not until he was sure I was going to look after it."
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