Incredible moment brave police officer dodges death after smash on busy motorway then goes back to save driver

The dramatic incident happened on the busy M607 in Spain during rush hour


This is the incredible moment a police officer dodged death by seconds on a Spanish motorway but still dusted himself down to save an injured driver.

The narrow escape was recorded on camera and has been shared on social network sites, including on the Twitter site of Spain's Interior Minister, Juan Ignacio Zoido.

"The members of the security forces and bodies are playing with their lives every day to protect us, like this civil guard in Madrid. Thanks," he said.

The dramatic incident happened on the busy M607 during rush hour when the motorway was packed with commuters.

The police officer and his colleague were dealing with a minor shunt at one of the exit roads.

The video shows how the policeman is directing the traffic away from the two stricken cars when, by sheer luck, he suddenly spots a vehicle hurtling towards him at high speed.

Luckily, his fast reactions allowed him to quickly jump over the metal fence on the side of the motorway. The car then smashes into the railings, careers across all three lanes and comes to a rest as it smashes into the central reservation.

Despite falling on the ground, the police officer quickly jumps up and runs across the motorway with no regard for his own personal safety to see to the other stricken car and injured driver.