Ben Fogle talks camping, cars and adventure

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Ben Fogle is a busy man. The presenter and producer has recently published his first book, a tome on Land Rovers, and is currently filming for the sixth season of his New Lives In The Wild series.

While juggling his work and family commitments – the 43-year-old is married with two young children – Fogle also finds time to support the Camping and Caravanning Club, which is unsurprising considering his outdoorsy lifestyle.
Fogle will be taking part in the opening of the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show at Birmingham's NEC on Tuesday February 21, where he will share his passion for the pastime with attendees.

We managed to catch up with the acclaimed adventurer to talk camping, cars, and of course, Land Rovers.

AOL: With the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show coming up, would you be able to tell us a little about your camping experience?

Ben Fogle: My history's quite diverse and eclectic. I obviously do most of my outdoors stuff camping in tents, but over the years I've been in plenty of campervans and motorhomes.

As a child I did lots of camping in the garden, lots of camping around Great Britain and beyond and then my father, who is from Canada, took us all on a big family holiday in a motorhome across the Canadian wilderness.

AOL: Would you say you prefer camping or do you enjoy the modern comforts of caravans and motorhomes?

BF: I think the joy of the three options is that there's something for everyone and I think that as the years go on and you want different things from life, there are different possibilities along the way.

Obviously, because so many of my outdoor pursuits are in far away remote places, tents are more easily accessible. You can chuck them in a rucksack and get up mountains and things. But I think as we do more and more holidays here in the UK with the family, motorhomes and caravans will be the best option to get closer to the heart of the environment, whether it be beautiful coastlines or further afield.

I prefer the idea of towing a caravan behind the car because it gives you more flexibility to then leave your caravan in a park or a campsite and take the vehicle off to reach more inaccessible places.

Ben Fogle talks camping, Land Rovers and adventures
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Ben Fogle talks camping, Land Rovers and adventures

AOL: What do you drive?

BF: I drive a Land Rover Defender. I've actually just written a book about the history of the Land Rover, so I got to drive plenty of unusual Land Rovers while doing the research for that.

Everything from riot police Land Rovers to amphibious Land Rovers – I suppose that would probably be the best one. I went to Ireland and took a Land Rover from the beach into the ocean into some very big waves.

AOL: Are you a good driver?

BF: I think I'm a very good driver. Because I drive a lot and I did a series for the BBC called 'The World's Most Dangerous Roads' in which I did a big road through the Andes across Peru with the comedian Hugh Dennis.

We did some pretty extreme driving there and I do think I'm a very good driver now. I drive all over the world – I was driving in Egypt only yesterday.

AOL: Would you call yourself a petrolhead?

BF: I don't think I would necessarily but I have an interest. The fact I've just written a book about Land Rovers means that I'm paying much more of an interest in motor vehicles.

Maybe it's something that happens with age that you just get a little bit more interested, but I don't think I'd call myself a petrolhead. But given how much time I spend with Land Rovers, maybe I'm kidding myself!

AOL: What habits wind you up on the road?

BF: The whole kind of road rage thing is bizarre, isn't it? People feel that they have this ultimate power, they're in a kind of armour and they can behave differently to the way they would if they were walking down the street. I think it's just the slight arrogance that some people get in a motor vehicle I find frustrating.
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