Neighbour puts up 6ft fence blocking woman's countryside views

A woman near Bath, Somerset, has blocked the view from her neighbours' £1 million home by putting up a huge fence inches from their windows - and was given Government approval.

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Kate Chubb, 52, said she erected the two-metre-tall wooden structure on the western edge of her six-acre plot to protect cows. She said it was needed to stop the animals, which graze her land, from potentially harming themselves by coming into contact with the windows.

But neighbours Anthony and Janice Hemms say the fence comes within four inches of three of their windows at Papermill Cottage at St Catherine, near Bath. Where they once had an attractive view across fields they can now see nothing but the fence.

Neighbour blocks Somerset view with fence

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Mrs Hemms, 63, said she was "disappointed, shocked and really appalled" that they were allowed to install the fence.

She and her husband appealed to have it torn down, officials ruled it could stay as it is lower than two metres.

Local parish council chairman Donald MacIntyre told The Sun: "It's pretty ridiculous.

"As far as the parish is concerned it is an unnecessary and unhappy situation which we would like to see resolved and this planning appeal has not resolved this issue at all."

Mrs Chubb said she had been made to look like the "arch villain".

She said she was supported by the Planning Inspectorate, which ruled the fence to be "permitted development".

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