Big Ben voted Britain's best landmark

Big Ben named UK's best landmark
Big Ben named UK's best landmark

A new survey has revealed that one of London's most well known landmarks has been named the best in the UK.

Big Ben beat competition including world famous Stonehenge and the London Eye to claim the top spot in the survey conducted by Blue Chip Holidays.

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The famous clock tower blew the ancient monument out of the water receiving three times the amount of votes.

The top ten landmarks were:

1. Big Ben (24%)

2. Stonehenge (8%)

3. London Eye (5%)

4. Angel of the North (4%)

5. Edinburgh Castle (4%)

6. Tower Bridge (3%)

7. The Tower of London (2%)

8. Buckingham Palace (1.9%)

9. Blackpool Tower (1.7%)

10. Houses of Parliament (1.6%)

The holiday company also quizzed the public on their favourite way to spend their break and found that visiting local landmarks is top of the list.

When the company surveyed American tourists last year they found our friends across the pond have a different opinion when it comes to Britain's best sights.

Tourists from the US voted Buckingham Palace as the top landmark while Big Ben didn't even make the top ten.

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