The freebie that will pay for your summer holiday

Sarah Coles
Free takeaway coffee
Free takeaway coffee

Every year, we're told that if we make small sacrifices, we could save a small fortune during the year - and solve all our financial headaches. The experts argue that just by giving up our takeaway coffee, for example, we could save enough in a year to pay for our summer holiday. The problem is, of course, that our indulgent daily coffee gives us something to smile about, so giving it up is no mean feat. Fortunately, there is a solution.

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There's no denying that giving up an expensive coffee habit can save a small fortune. If we, for example, spend £2.50 a day on coffee, we fork out £912.50 a year on our morning pick-me-up. Even if we only spend it on working days that's £720. That would easily jet us away for a holiday to remember.

If we could bring ourselves to give up for longer, the savings are extraordinary - and we could theoretically buy ourselves a swanky new Apple Mac every few years with the money we don't spend on coffee.

The solution

If you're having difficulty considering going without a daily takeaway coffee, then the good news is that you don't actually have to give the coffee up at all - you just need to get it for free.

Magic Freebies has tracked down free coffees that will take you through the year - with no need ever to pay for your caffeine fix ever again.

1. Free coffee at KFC
If you download the free app, you can get a free tea or coffee every day until 26 February. The app will provide a barcode, which the cashier will scan, and you'll get a tea or coffee for nothing.

2. Free coffee at Waitrose
If you shop at Waitrose, you can pick up a free hot drink with your shopping. You do have to buy something in the store, but one lesser-known secret is that towards the end of the day, Waitrose will offer huge discounts on food that is due to go out of date by the end of the day. It means you can trawl the 'red sticker' section of the shop for a bargain, and get a free coffee for your efforts.

3. Free coffee at Booths
If you live in the North West of England - near a Booths store - and you get yourself a Booths card, then you can pick up a free tea or coffee without spending a penny. You can get a takeaway coffee without a purchase - or a freebie in the cafe as long as you buy something else.

4. Free coffee at Cafe Nero
If you are on the O2 network (including if you have a pay-as-you-go SIM), you can download the Priority app, and go into any Cafe Nero to claim your free coffee every Tuesday.

5. Free coffee and cake at John Lewis
If you sign up for a John Lewis card, you'll be sent special offers a few times a year. This includes a voucher for free coffee and cake once every few months - no purchase necessary.