Searching for the best bank? These are February's best current accounts

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Does your bank work hard for you? Do they give you cashback, rewards, gift cards or do they provide excellent customer service?

Millions of us stay loyal to our same current account provider year after year, despite the fact we might be missing out on much better deals elsewhere, so this begs the question, does loyalty really pay?

It's expected that you may hesitate when thinking about a switch from your current account that you have used for a large chunk of your financial life. There isn't a reason you should stick around if you can get a better deal somewhere else.

We've got together with MoneySuperMarket to help us find the best current accounts options available to help you make a decision, cut down on your fees, make your money work harder or just get free stuff.

Leading Current Accounts for Interest, Cashback & Incentives (T&C's Apply)
AccountBenefitConditionsMore Info
TSB Classic Plus Account
3% Interest (£1-£1,500)
£125 cashback
3% AER interest (variable) on balances up to £1,500.
£125 cashback by switching before the 27th of February.
5% Cashback on first £100 contactless spending each month with debit card or Apple Pay.
Monthly funding of £500, register for internet banking and paperless statements/correspondence.
Minimum 2 direct debits.
Transfer minimum of 2 direct debits and credit £500 in the first 28 days.
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Nationwide FlexiDirect
5% Interest (£1-£2,500)
5% AER interest on balances up to £2,500 and fee-free overdraft. Only for the first year.Minimum monthly funding of £1,000. After 1 year, interest rate lowers to 1% AER.Apply Now
Santander 123 Account
1.5% Interest (£1-£20,000)
3% cashback on household bills
1.5% AER interest (variable) on balances up to £20,000 and 3% cashback on household bills.A £5 account fee will be taken from your account each month
Pay at least £500 into your account each month
Have at least 2 x Direct Debits
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M & S Current Account
£170 M&S Gift Card
Earn up to £170 on an M&S gift card! Receive £50 when you switch and up to £120 when you stay.
Access to the 5% AER high interest rate M&S Monthly Saver account.
To qualify for you need to have two active direct debits and a minimum monthly funding of £1,000.Apply Now
First Direct 1st Account
£125 cashback
Receive £125 cashback and access to £250 interest free overdraft when you switch your current account to first direct
Earn 5% interest from first direct's regular saver
Minimum monthly funding of £1,000.Apply Now
Nationwide FlexAccountFree European Multi-trip travel insurance
Three months' interest-free overdraft
Minimum monthly funding of £750 to qualify for the travel insuranceApply Now
HSBC Advance Account
£200 cashback
Get £150 & a 6 month interest and fee free overdraft when you complete a full switch, with 2 direct debits
Receive a further payment of £50 after 12 months when you register for Mobile or Online Banking within 60 days of account opening
Minimum monthly funding of £1,750. You must continue to meet account eligibility criteria in order to receive the further paymentApply Now
Halifax Reward Account£100 for joining via switch service and £5 monthly bonusPay in £750 a month, stay in credit and two active direct debitsApply Now

How easy is switching?

If you've been putting off moving from your current account because you think it'll take too long or be too much hassle, you don't need to worry.

The entire switching process is now much simpler than it's ever been thanks to seven-day switching rules.
This means that when you move your current account, the provider you are switching to has to ensure the switch doesn't taken any longer than seven working days.

They will need to transfer all of your standing orders and existing direct debits, as well as payments into your account.

The only information you'll need to supply to your new bank is proof of your identity and address.

There's also a guarantee, which means if there are any problems during your switch, you won't suffer any financial loss.

Under this guarantee, for the first 36 months after your switch, the bank you've moved to must arrange for any payments that accidentally go into your old account to be redirected to your new account. It must also refund any interest or fees you've been charged if any mistakes are made during the switch.

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