Paul McKenna live: Self-help author joins us in the AOL BUILD LDN Studio

Paul McKenna

Liven up your Wednesday (Feb 8) by joining us for a chat with Paul McKenna. We will be streaming the event live from 11:30am or you can watch on-demand later in the day.

Join the international renowned self-help author Paul McKenna as he reveals how to get control of sugar. Over the years, McKenna has helped a number of well-known stars improve their lives, including Ellen DeGeneres, Stephen Fry, James Corden and Robbie Williams.

McKenna is the UK's most successful non-fiction author, having sold 10 million books in 10 years. Tune in to hear all about his latest self-help book Get Control of Sugar Now!

Coming live from the AOL Build Studio in London, questions will be taken from the audience in the studio and those watching live online.

To submit questions for the star just tweet them to BUILD Series LDN then see if they get asked live.

So join us via the AOL Homepage for what should be a fascinating interview as part of the AOL BUILD series.
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