Fed up with clutter? Five smart storage options to try

When you're short on space, finding a place for everything and staying on top of the clutter is no easy task. You may not be blessed with a big house, but creating space is easier than you might think. Once you've de-cluttered (thrown away, recycled and given to charity what you no longer need) it's time to get smart with storage.

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1. Be creative with bookcases
Firstly, focus on any neglected areas of the house that could be made to work harder. For instance, if you have a lot of books, could you use bookcases in a new way?

High book cases will make the most of taller ceilings - or you could build them up and over doorways or up and overhead within stairwells. Putting up shelves to fit the space or using cube units will offer more flexibility than conventional bookcases and allow for a made-to-measure look.

These beech cube units cost £12.95 for two tiers.

2. Opt for smart storage
Multi-functional furniture with built-in storage will also create more space. Look for coffee tables and footstools that can store magazines and TV remotes, beds that lift-up to reveal storage space (starting from £100 for a double) or have shelves within the headboard, negating the need for bedside tables.

3. Stow away furniture
Think about furniture that can be stored away easily, particularly if it's not used every day. A table that stores chairs inside can free up valuable space in a small living room. This folding wall table, costing £45.54, s a good option for a pull down desk when you need it – or could be used in a kitchen for occasional use. Free up some space, and you'll have more room to store your bits and pieces

4. Tidy your shoes
Under the stairs tends to be a 'dead' area yet offers potential for creative storage. Build a row of pull-out racks and you can make the most of every single inch of space. Storage cubes are a good option for storing shoes and other odds and ends.

If the space under the stairs is already taken and you don't have an empty cupboard, this shoe rack storage unit, £34.90, is a smart way to keep shoes out of sight. If floor space is at a premium, consider storing shoes or other bits and pieces on the back of a door. Opting for transparent sleeves, £8.99, makes it easy to find what you need - or buy an organiser made from canvass, which keeps clutter hidden away.

5. Store it on the wall
Cleaning equipment can take up valuable floor space. Get organised, and keep your broom, dustpan and brush together on a wall or the back of a door. Lots of cleaning tools now come in interested designs, so you'll be more happy to show them off. This wall tidy costs just £7.
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