Childhood memories 'influence choice of properties for adults'

Britons' childhood homes are a major influence on the properties they choose to buy as adults, a survey has found.

A third (33%) of people currently live in a similar house to the one they spent most of their childhood in, according to the findings from Sarah Beeny's estate agent Tepilo.

Of those who do live in a similar property, one in four (25%) chose the house specifically because it reminded them of the home they grew up in.

Nearly seven out of 10 (69%) people across the survey said they loved their childhood home, and only one in 20 (5%) disliked it.

The location, the childhood bedroom and having a large outside space to play in were the features that people most liked about the home they grew up in.

The decor was the most likely feature for people to dislike about their childhood home.

More than half (57%) of those surveyed would bring up, or have already brought up, their own children in a home which was similar to the one they grew up in.

But with house prices having increased strongly in many parts of the country over recent decades, many people believe a property like their childhood home is now out of their reach financially.

Among the two-thirds (66%) of people who do not currently live in a property like their childhood home, over a quarter (26%) said the reason was that they could not afford to.

Despite childhood homes having an influence, just over half (56%) of people across the survey would prefer to live in their current home rather than the one they grew up in.

But in London, the majority (60%) of people would prefer to live in their childhood home, as would two-thirds (65%) of 25 to 34-year-olds.

Ms Beeny said: "This survey shows that many of us do, or would like to, live in a house like the one we grew up in, suggesting our childhood home does play some part in the property choices we make as adults.

"It's also interesting to see that where we live in the UK, as well as our life stage, has a big impact on our preferences.

"The fact that the majority of people living in London and those aged between 24 and 35 would rather live in their childhood home than their current one suggests that they're not totally satisfied with where they currently live, which is likely down to affordability issues.

"House prices have risen dramatically over the last 30 years, meaning many people just can't afford to live in a home like the one they grew up in, even if they'd like to."

Some 2,000 people from across the UK took part in the research.

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