The best-value Valentine's gifts

Money can't buy love, they say - but it can sometimes be hard to express that love without spending a fair bit.

Valentine's Day typically costs the average Brit more than £45, what with flowers, a card, a romantic meal out or gift.

"Many people told us they view Valentine's Day as a commercial, money-making gimmick," says Florence Buswell of the Money Advice Service. "Of those that do celebrate it, most would prefer to do it without spending a fortune."

And the good news is that budget retailers are doing their best to make the special day that bit more affordable.

We look at some of the high street's best-value Valentine's Day flowers and gifts this year.

Valentine's Day rip-offs

There's a lovely selection of floral gifts at Lidl this year, at prices that won't break the bank. A bouquet of a dozen roses with other flowers and foliage is just £25, while a rose and lily bouquet is £15. Cheaper still are a twin-stem orchid in a ceramic pot, costing just £9.99 and a pot of mini roses in a gift bag for £4.49.

Meanwhile, there's a small box of heart-shaped chocolates for just £1.49, and rose champagne for the bargain basement price of just £14.99 - enjoy it with the company's deluxe smoked salmon, only £4.99 for 240g.

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A dozen 'luxury' red roses from Aldi cost just £15 - and there's an even cheaper bunch for £5. At the other end of the scale, you can get a whopping 100 roses for £25. All three offers won't be available until February 11 - not that you'd want to buy them any sooner.

And Aldi also has a number of sweet Valentine's treats. Its 240g Chocolatero Valentine's Chocolate Box costs just £5.99, while a pair of Holly Lane Valentine's Cupcakes are 99p. And there's a giant tin of Swizzels Love Hearts for just £1.99.

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Asda's got two dozen roses for just £10, and a carton of Lindt chocolates for £3.50. For optimistoc chaps, there's a selection of slinky women's underwear, with a satin pyjama playsuit just £8. Men's gifts include the Adidas Ice Dive set for £5 - or a bottle of Jack Daniels for £17.

Well, there's no surprises about the cost of gifts here - everything's just £1. And there are some cracking little pressies for that, from a ceramic plaque reading 'love' to cuddly toys and a 'Love Hunt' game. There's also a £1 champagne bucket - hopefully leaving you with enough cash for something to put in it.