Hilarious bike stunt fail just keeps on going


This is the moment a runaway motorbike caused a massive headache for a group of stunt riders.

The clip comes from a video shoot last weekend by YouTube channel Northern Wheelies, which was filming at a frozen lake believed to be in Minnesota.

At the start of the video, one of the riders attempts to jump on to a moving bike but completely misjudges it and falls on their backside.

The motorbike stays upright and continues to drive away under its own power. The rider gets back up and tries to chase the runaway bike down, but just as they're close enough to grab it they fall over again.

At this point the cameraman decides to give chase as another rider pulls alongside the bike and attempts to knock it over. They fail, only succeeding in turning the bike towards parked cars before falling off their own bike.

To complete the farce, the runaway bike stays just out of reach of the cameraman long enough to hit a truck, ending its adventure.