Hugh Bonneville: Film on India's partition reminds people to resist division

Actor Hugh Bonneville has said he hopes his new film exploring the partition of India will remind people to compromise and resist division.

The Downton Abbey star, who plays Lord Mountbatten in upcoming film Viceroy's House, urged people across countries and religions to work together as he attended the fourth annual gala dinner for supporters of the British Asian Trust (BAT).

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall were among the 450 guests - who also included famous faces from the world of entertainment and politics - at the reception at the Guildhall in central London.

Bonneville's comments come following President Donald Trump's controversial travel ban which stopped people from seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering America.

He said: "I think if this film can do anything, it can remind people that the only way forward is to listen, to talk, to compromise and to accept each other's lifestyles and religious points of view - and not try and divide people."

Asked whether he agreed that Mr Trump's state visit to the UK should be cancelled, he said: "Talking is better than shouting, and building bridges is better than building walls."

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