Heroic passers-by rescue woman from sinking car

This is the incredible moment a woman was saved from her sinking car after she crashed into a frozen lake.

The video, which was shot in the Shandong province of China on January 27, begins shortly after the driver had smashed through the ice, leaving her car partially submerged.
A man jumps into the water and attempts to cut kick out a window with no success. Another man appears with a large wooden pole, which successfully smashes the rear glass.

The men then reach through and manage to open a rear door and work together to pull the woman free.

Chinese news reports that the driver was transported to hospital and is currently in a coma after suffering head and chest injuries.

Her sister said: "I always thought it was just the traffic police who rescued people, but now I know it's also good people.

"I called one of the rescuers to thank him and he told me that sometimes things happen outside of our control, but first of all we should help each other."

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