British woman needing cancer surgery stuck in Dubai

British woman needing cancer surgery stuck in Dubai

A British woman who has been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer is unable to fly home for life-saving surgery as Dubai authorities are withholding her passport.

Luisa Williams, 41, has lived in the UAE for 10 years, where she has dedicated herself to charity work.

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Some of her charity work has led to a dispute with authorities, who are refusing to give her travel documents back.

Just a few days ago, Luisa was told she had stage three kidney cancer, and needs it removed to stop it from rupturing.

As the cost in Dubai is too high, she scheduled an appointment with a specialist in Nottingham, but is now being denied travel.

British woman needing cancer surgery stuck in Dubai

According to the Metro, the issue is that she once posted an appeal to raise money for two young boys who needed life-saving treatment. In the UK, fundraising on pages like GoFundMe are common practice, but in Dubai they are illegal,and Luisa was accused of financial fraud.

After a trial in 2015, she was found not guilty of all charges, except for 'asking for money on the internet', which she says she didn't do.

Explaining in a post on Facebook, she said: "Unfortunately, I have been diagnosed with aggressive malignant kidney cancer and I need my right kidney, ureter and part of my bladder removing immediately as the cancer has invaded them.

"Since my recent court case closed my company I don't have insurance and I have to find a way to get back to UK for surgery and treatment as it is way too costly here.

"However, my symptoms are acute and I could suffer severe haemorrhaging of the kidney at any time that could bleed into my lower spine and lead to many other nasty complications, and my doctors are concerned that any time in detention could put me at a lot of risk given how difficult it would be to get me to an ER."

Recent updates explain that she is still stranded.

Luisa is reportedly in contact with the British Embassy, who are trying to help her get home.

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