Thieves filmed wriggling across floor before stealing £900k-worth of vehicles

Thieves employed an unusual tactic to trick an alarm system while stealing almost £900,000 of luxury vehicles from a car showroom.

Police in Melrose, South Africa, have now released footage of the four, in an attempt to catch them following the raid at Infiniti Motors.
The footage shows the crooks shuffling on their bellies across the polished showroom floor, in order to avoid setting off a security sensor.

Their strange approach worked though, as they made off with a Toyota Land Cruiser‚ a Range Rover Evoque‚ BMW X6, a Mercedes-Benz ML400‚ an ML 63 and a G63.

Since the theft on Sunday morning, three of the vehicles have been recovered. Experts suspect they were due to be shipped to neighbouring countries and sold.

Police spokesman Captain Mavela Mosondo reportedly told the media: "Our detectives are looking at a number of other luxury car dealership thefts to see if there are any links which can be made with the latest theft.

"We will be reviewing CCTV footage to see if we can identify the suspects."

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