Brits working 180 unpaid hours a year

Rosie Vare
British workers giving extra 180 unpaid hours annually
British workers giving extra 180 unpaid hours annually

If you've ever left the office at the end of the week feeling like you have worked more than you're paid for then you're not the only one.

While a few extra minutes on a Monday or that meeting that overran on Thursday may not seem important, these bits of time really add up.

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Research from Printerland shows that Brits spend on average an extra 44 minutes each week checking emails, answering the phone and completing other tasks.

While this might not actually sound like that much, it adds up pretty quickly - those 44 minutes each week make their way towards 36 hours every year.

Having a 'working lunch' at your desk may seem like the easiest way to get on top of your tasks and ensure you leave on time but the average person works through two lunchtimes a week, totalling 96 hours a year.

Meanwhile as many as 16% don't get a break from their screens at any point during the day.

All About Vision recommends that you should take a series of five minute 'mini breaks' from your screen during the day.

During this time you should get up, walk around and make sure to move your arms, back and neck to relieve the tension that can build up while sitting.

So, what about when we jet off on holiday?

Amazingly one in three workers said they would take business calls while on holiday and one in five would leave a family dinner early to attend to a work matter.

If that's not bad enough, the research also revealed that while some of us may be putting away 36 unpaid hours, 71% feel they are so overwhelmed at work that they put in an extra 180 hours a year.

But is all the hard graft really worth it? Apparently not.

A staggering 21% of Brits admitted to having taken time off work as a result of developing stress-related illnesses.