Fraudsters bought £3,000 worth of duty free items on maxed-out credit cards


Two men spent £3,000 on in-flight duty free products using maxed-out credit cards.

Peter Jackson and Geoffrey Dunn carried out the 35,00ft crimes by exploiting a banking loophole on flights from the UK to Europe with EasyJet and Aer Lingus.

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As payments are not verified until landing, the pair were able to make off with hundreds of pounds worth of goods, the Daily Mail reports.

Newcastle Crown Court heard how the transactions were automatically authorised as crew were unable to check how much credit was available.

According to the Gazette Live, judge Tim Gittins told them: "What you did was to use the loophole, knowing that such transactions on flights would not be processed until the flights had landed because of the difficulties with internet connection at the time.

He added: "You obtained duty free goods in large amounts compared to what people would normally purchase on such flights, knowing full well your cards were full to the limit."

The pair spent £1,500 during two round trips between Newcastle, London and Geneva in 2015.

Jackson also spent around 1,750 euros on flights between Manchester and Dublin.

The pair were spared jail after admitting fraud charges but handed nigh-time curfews.
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