Scooter rider has lucky escape after falling under lorry

A scooter rider in Thailand had a lucky escape when a lorry turned left in front of her and she fell under its wheels.

The woman was riding her scooter along the inside lane of a two-lane road in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, when the 20-tonne truck suddenly turned left from the outside lane.
Slamming her brakes on, the scooter goes into a skid and the woman is flung forwards, and under the lorry's wheels.

Incredibly, she survived, after landing between the front and rear wheels of the heavy vehicle.

Vokeng Prateep, whose dashcam recorded the crash, commented: "I was talking to my boyfriend then all of a sudden this happened. I'm still startled and scared watching it.

"We stayed focused and went to help the woman. She was hurt but is safe. She broke her leg in the fall. She is lucky to still be alive.

"An accident can happen on the road at any time. Drivers have to understand how to use the road properly."

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