Easyjet passenger escorted from plane over miniature vodka

Rosie Vare
EasyJet customer berated for bringing own alcohol onto plane
EasyJet customer berated for bringing own alcohol onto plane

A mother-of-three from Newcastle is warning fellow Brits of the dangers of trying to sneak your own alcohol onto a plane.

Lucy Yallop was travelling to Alicante, Spain, with Easyjet when she was caught trying to pour vodka into her orange juice from a miniature bottle.

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Speaking to Chronicle Live, Yallop explained that she and her friends had bought the bottles in the airport before they got on the plane.

"We never got around to drinking them when our flight was called to go, so I quickly chucked it in my bag."

She went on to explain how when the drinks trolley came around she asked for an orange juice so she could add the vodka to it herself.

When the air steward caught her trying to do so he told her to hand the vodka over. She put the bottle in her handbag and it was put in the overhead locker.

At this point Lucy was under the impression that the embarrassing experience was over, but apparently not.

Lucy was escorted off the plane and met by two police officers and three security guards.

She said: "I know I was in the wrong but Easyjet's reaction was so over the top. I didn't even drink it. However, my advice to anyone is do not attempt to drink your own alcohol on a plane, no matter how little."

Lucy was also told by a crew member that they also had the right to cancel her return flight to England if they felt it was appropriate.

When she arrived at Alicante Airport to make her way back to the UK she was refused boarding and had to fork out €99 to fly to Manchester where her husband collected her.

On the Easyjet website it states: "Yes you can carry a small bag of alcohol from the airport shop in addition to your cabin bag. Alcoholic drinks that are 70% proof / abv or higher are not allowed to be carried on-board either in the hold or in the cabin as these are classed as dangerous goods.

"During the flight you can only drink alcohol bought from the in-flight shop."

A spokesman for Easyjet said: "Easyjet's cabin crew are trained to evaluate passenger alcohol consumption and take the actions they feel are appropriate. On this flight the crew warned a passenger four times that they could not drink their own alcohol onboard.

"No airline permits passengers to consume their own alcohol as crew need to be able to monitor alcohol consumption onboard for the safety of all passengers."