Distracted driver flips car after hitting parked vehicle

A Londoner's dashcam has caught the moment a distracted driver rolled their car after hitting a parked vehicle.

The video, which was filmed in Edgeware, London, shows traffic driving down a residential street that has parked cars on both sides.
Suddenly, one motorist crashes into the back of a stationary car. The impact sends the car rolling on to its roof. Other drivers and witnesses run to the driver's aid.

Chetan Vaghjiani, who recorded the action, said: "I left my dashcam running as it was parked on a popular road for learner drivers and I wanted to make sure my car didn't get any mysterious scratches or dents.

"I heard the incident and ran outside to see what was going on. Later on I checked my dashcam to see what could have caused the car to end up upside down."

Vaghjiani reports that no-one was seriously injured in the crash.

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