Man 'suffers concussion' after being shoved on overcrowded London train

James Winder says he has been left with blurred vision and headaches


A commuter has spoken of how he fell to the floor and blacked out after allegedly being shoved to the floor on a packed London Midland train from Apsley to Euston.

James Winder was travelling from his home to work last Thursday morning when he says he fell to the floor and banged his head after other commuters pushed for space on the carriage.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, the 35-year-old IT worker said he now suffers from splitting headaches, neck pains, slurred speech and blurred vision.

He managed to take himself to the hospital after the incident and was told to take time off work.

James tweeted a photo of his injury and tagged the Mayor of London, asking: "Would love to know if @SadiqKhan finds it normal that workers should face awful injuries like mine getting to work?"

"The whole thing has also left me incredibly stressed out and anxious about getting on these dangerous trains again," he told the Standard.

Mr Winder says his phone was broken and he has contacted London Midland asking for it to be replaced, but allegedly received a "generic letter".

A spokesman for the train company told the Evening Standard that the incident is being "thoroughly investigated".

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