The best jobs in the UK in 2017

Sarah Coles
The best jobs in the UK
The best jobs in the UK

If you want to be happy, wealthy and easily employed, then it could be time for a career change. How do you fancy being a finance manager, a tax manager, or any of the other jobs in the top 20 best jobs in the UK?

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The top spot went to finance managers. The job was revealed to have reasonable satisfaction scores, there are lots of jobs on offer at the moment, and the average base pay is an impressive £68,000 (without the bonuses that these kinds of jobs often come with).

The second place went to the equally-thrilling-sounding tax manager. The average pay is marginally lower at £59,000. However, the job satisfaction levels are a shade higher.

Managers dominate the list, and there are enough finance jobs to demonstrate that being good with numbers bodes well for your career. There are a few jobs with more than an element of the fad about them - including scrum managers (who help people exchange information within teams), and a solutions architect (a problem solver on projects).

High pay is definitely key to qualifying for the best jobs list. Finance manager is the best paid job (Number one on the list). This is followed by solutions architects at £65,000 (8th) and commercial managers also at £65,000 (11th). Only one job on the list dips below £40,000 - and that's the PHP developer at £34,500.

The most satisfying jobs in the top 20, meanwhile, include data scientists and scrum masters - followed by audit managers and communication managers. It goes to show that it takes all sorts.

1. Finance Manager
2. Tax manager
3. Design manager
4. Audit manager
5. HR manager
6. Data scientist
7. Supply chain manager
8. Solutions architect
9. Scrum master
10. Communications manager
11. Commercial manager
12. Marketing manager
13. Operations manager
14. Risk manager
15. Site manager
16. PHP developer
17. Product manager
18. Project engineer
19. Technical architect
20. Maintenance manager

But what do you think? Does the impressive pay of the finance manager convince you that your future lies in spreadsheets, or does the high level of satisfaction experienced by scrum masters convince you that it's worth getting to grips with what, from the outside, appears to be a made-up-job?

Do any of these job titles appeal to you? Let us know in the comments.