Driver comes up with low tech solution to forgetting where you parked

We've all been there. That embarrassing moment you realise, as you aimlessly stroll around the car park, that you have no idea where your car is.

There have been numerous high-tech solutions to the problem. For example, navigation app Waze has a feature that remembers where you closed the app after a journey, allowing you to see on a map where you parked.
However, one man has come up with an altogether less technical solution. Balloons.

That's right, everyone's favourite helium-filled party decoration offers a simple way to find your car after a shopping trip.

During a demonstration, the man shows that he keeps the balloons in his car boot. When he arrives at his destination he opens his car and lets the tethered balloons float skywards. He then closes the boot for security purposes and goes shopping.

Upon his return, he can instantly find his car, as it's the only one with balloons floating above it. Genius.

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