Three jobs working for celebrities that are available now

Sarah Coles
chef cooking
chef cooking

How would you like to work with your favourite celebrity? For most people it's the stuff of daydreams, but for the chosen few, it's perfectly achievable, and there are a handful of jobs around where you could get to work with your idol.

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Work with a Celebrity Head Chef
One agency is looking for chefs to work under a 'celebrity chef' in central London. There are a few clues as to the identity of the celebrity: she apparently serves clean, modern European food, has made many appearances on TV programmes, and is writing a cook book. You'd have to work an impressive 55 hours a week and would earn £25k-£29k.

Celebrity Officer
A children's charity is looking for a celebrity officer. You would work with the fundraising teams to ensure they are using their celebrity ambassadors and supporters effectively. You'd also be responsible for keeping the celebrities happy. It sounds fun and fast-paced, but also like a spot of negotiating and ego massaging might be involved.

Jr Sous Chef
The third celebrity job is for another celebrity head chef, for a: "fantastic 3AA gastropub East from Oxford, Oxfordshire with Michelin star aspirations". The salary again is not stratospheric, at £24k-£27k - plus £3,000 a year in tips. You can also arrange to live on the site - for £400 a month.

Do you want it?

Of course, while the idea of working with a celebrity is exciting, before you plump for a celebrity role, it's worth bearing in mind that it may not be everything you expect.

Not every celebrity's personality matches their public persona - an actor may come across as a lovely person on screen, but bear in mind that the person you know is one they created for a role. In reality they may not be quite so nice. In some cases, celebrities make no bones about the fact they expect a lot from their employees.

The pay may not be enormously impressive. The most celebrated personal assistants can command large pay packets, but for everyone else, you shouldn't expect more than the going rate. In fact, there's more demand for celebrity roles, so they can get away with paying less than the going rate if they choose.

Likewise, the lifestyle you are part of will not match your own. You will be able to glimpse the glamour and opulence, but you will be working to make it happen, rather than enjoying it for yourself, and then you will go home to your normal life.

The hours involved will depend on the role, but if you are working for a celebrity chef, or as a personal assistant, you can expect exceptionally long hours. The needs of the job will have to come first, so if you have significant responsibilities outside work, this might not be for you.

But what do you think? Does working with celebrities appeal? Let us know in the comments.