Revealed: the UK's burglary claim hotspots

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If you want to keep your property safe, stay away from London, because a new study has revealed that London postcodes dominate the top 20 places where you are most likely to be burgled. So which parts of London are riskiest - and what about beyond the capital?

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MoneySupermarket looked at the quotes run on its website for the last two years, to identify the areas with the highest and lowest rates of claims. The number one spot was taken by North-East London's Redbridge (IG4) - up from third place last year.

North London dominated the top five, with Whetstone (N20), Chadwell Heath (RM6) and Clayhall (IG5) all making an appearance.

In fact the only area outside North London in the top five was Leeds (LS5 in fourth place) - and only four areas beyond the capital made the top 20: another Leeds postcode (LS8), Cambridge (CB5) and Carlton-Cum-Hardy (M21).

1. Redbridge (IG4)
2. Whetstone (N20)
3. Chadwell Heath (RM6)
4. Leeds (LS5)
5. Clayhall (IG5)
6. Mortlake (SW14)
7. Dulwich (SE21)
8. Winchmore Hill (N21)
9. Herne Hill (SE27)
10. West Norwood (SE27)
11. Muswell Hill (N10)
12. Cambridge (CB5)
13. Greenford (UB5)
14. West Wickham (BR4)
15. Carlton-Cum-Hardy (M21)
16. Gants Hill (IG2)
17. Grenville (LS8)
18. New Southgate (N11)
19. Barkingside (IG6)
20. Sydenham (SE26)

The website has launched a burglary claims tool, so you can see how your postcode compares nationally - and to the region.

Protect yourself

Kevin Pratt, consumer affairs expert at MoneySuperMarket, said: "Burglars are interested in two things: where should I go to find stuff worth stealing and where am I least likely to get caught?"

This explains why burglars favour expensive suburbs of London - where wealthy residents have plenty of expensive items to take. It also explains why they like anonymous, densely populated urban areas with a high turnover of residents.

Regardless of where you live, you can dramatically reduce your chances of being a victim of burglary. Lynn Farrar, chair of Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network, says: "Most burglaries are opportunistic and many can be prevented; we recommend using the WIDE principle when securing your home. Householders should ensure their home has Window locks, Interior lights left on a timer when you're away, Double or dead bolts fitted on doors and Exterior lights with a sensor fitted outside your home. Taking these basic steps can offer 49 times more protection against burglary than homes without these measures."

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