Will Trump go for gold when decorating the White House?

As President elect Donald Trump takes office most of us are wondering what decisions will his administration make in the first 100 days.

Others are just curious about something well not quite national security level.

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Will Trump go for gold when redecorating the White House?

Well, his New York home, which has been featured in dozens of magazines like travel and leisure, is a three story penthouse at his Trump Tower.

It has been designed to look like the interior of the Palace of Versailles, we are guessing Trump will want to spruce up the People's House once he moves in.

Some rooms will be off-limits including the Yellow Oval Room or the Lincoln bedroom.

But if Trump and the incoming first lady Melania want to bling out their family quarters on the second floor, we would expect lots of gold, marble and hand-painted ceiling murals.

Let's just hope Melania doesn't go all out like Jackie Kennedy and embark on a crazy restoration to make the White House into the Gold House.

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