Bookies run hilarious odds on Trump inauguration

How orange will Trump be for his speech? And will Meryl Streep be in the audience?

Donald Trump

There are plenty of people who are genuinely terrified of the impact of Donald Trump's presidency. But while we can all fear for the future of the human race, we can also have a laugh as we descend into the unknown. The bookies have certainly been doing so, and are running some hilarious books on the Trump inauguration.

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Ladbrokes has posted a number of words it expects Trump to use in his speech. Some are dead certs, with 1/50 on 'Make America Great Again', for example. Other highly likely options include Reagan, Tremendous. ISIS, China, Incredible and Beautiful.

Further down the list, however, are some far less likely phrases that could pay off of you get lucky. These include 'Piers Morgan' at 33/1, 'Saturday Night Live' at 33/1 and 'Total Loser' at 16/1.

Paddy Power is so confident he will promise to 'Make America Great Again', that it is running bets on when he utters the phrase. It's offering 6/4 on it cropping up within the first five minutes.

Paddy Power is also offering odds on his skin colour during the speech, with 6/1 on Deep Saffron, 9/1 on carrot and 10/1 on pumpkin. It's hilarious, but it's a tricky bet, because Paddy Power will make the final call on the colour he opts for.

And the firm is offering odds on famous people attending the speech (and shown on TV) too. Kanye West is available at 3/1, Meryl Streep at 33/1 and The Dalai Lama at 300/1.

With Obama's inauguration estimated to have been attended by 1.8 million people, Trump's estimated audience of just 800,000 looks embarrassingly low. Therefore, swipe-to-bet app Bookee is offering odds of 25/1 for less than 400,000 people turning up.

On his presidency in general, Ladbrokes is offering Evens on him leaving office via impeachment or resignation before the end of the first term. It's also offering 1/5 on him visiting the UK before the end of 2017, and 5/4 on him visiting Russia in the same timeframe.

Bookee, meanwhile is offering 8/1 on Trump being impeached within his first 6 months and 100/1 on Kanye West winning the race in 2020.

Of course, as ever, betting is not something we would recommend you do with your money. And if you are keen to gamble anyway, it's essential you only do so with money you can afford to lose.

It would at least bring a smile on a day when many people will otherwise be gripped by anxiety.