Woman refuses to move car that is blocking parked van

A man has filmed the bizarre moment that another driver parked bumper to bumper with his van, before refusing to let him out.

In the clip, the female owner of the black Ford Focus appears to have parked with her bumper touching his, meaning the van driver was unable to leave his spot.
"Get your car off my van," the van driver tells her. "That's your car on my van, will you get it off?"

But she replies irately: "Just call the police. If you say that I've hit your car then just call the police. "Let's see the damage."

The exasperated van owner continues to ask her to move her car backwards, explaining that he can't go forward as there is a lamppost in the way.

However, the woman repeatedly insists that the van driver, and his friend who can be heard talking in the background, should call the police.

At one point, it appears the woman is about to climb into her car and move it, but she just collects her belongings and begins to walk away.

After further argument, and confused by the situation, the van driver comments: "Is this for real or what? Am I in the f***ing Twilight Zone?

"Just reverse your car love, I wanna get out man."

The footage was uploaded to Facebook by the van driver, who later deleted it.

The exact location and time of the incident is unknown, as is the conclusion to the argument.

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