Driver has miraculous escape from head-on collision with lorry

This is the terrifying moment a driver narrowly avoided a head-on collision with a lorry.

The shocking dashcam footage was captured just outside the city of Tyumen in central Russia.
The video opens as the driver with the dashcam heads towards a stationary truck, which has traffic building up behind it. Two other lorries appear to be slowing to a stop behind it, but suddenly a third truck pulls out into oncoming traffic.

It's unclear if the third truck's driver was attempting an ill-advised overtaking move or if he was swerving to avoid crashing into the vehicle in front.

Suddenly faced with a truck coming directly towards him, the driver with the dashcam takes avoiding action. Their car makes minor contact with the truck and skid across the road, narrowly avoiding another lorry before leaving the road and falling down a small snow bank.

Judging by the video's description, it appears the car was soon fixed and back on the road.

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