Amazon sells skeleton key that allows thieves to steal from Transits


Angry tradespeople have slammed Amazon for selling a skeleton key that makes it easy for thieves to break into vans.

The Premium Ford Tibbe Lock Pick and Decoder costs £16.79 and is designed for locksmiths. However, anyone can buy one through the online marketplace.

They allow easy access to Ford Transits and are being bought by criminals who break into the vans to steal equipment. There are countless videos on YouTube that explain how to use them.

The problem has become so common that videos have now been uploaded explaining how to protect vans from the lock pick.

Electrician Jonathan Pulleyn, 28, had his Transit broken into in Rillington, North Yorkshire. He said: "Lots of vans are being robbed with no forced entry. I'm disgusted Amazon are selling something like this."

The item is listed online by a company called Locksmith Tools Direct, but The Sun reports that the company is no longer trading. It was told that a 'third-party seller' is now responsible for selling the key.

Steffan George of the Master Locksmith Association said: "Members are finding the remnants of this sort of equipment in vans that have been broken into by thieves.

"We see no reason why Amazon and other online sellers should be selling these items.

"In Ireland, locksmiths will need a license from next month, which will restrict the availability of these tools over there. Is this something we should be looking to follow?"

When approached by The Sun, Amazon refused to comment.