Save money on booking your holiday with this quick trick

Quick trick to save you money on your next holiday

Experts say the best time to book a holiday is on a Tuesday morning at 10am.

That's because airlines release their last-minute deals for the following weekend on this day - sending competitors scrambling against each other for the best prices, and your custom.

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Bookings comparison website Skyscanner also says travellers hoping for a bargain should aim for anytime before 11am.

Tuesday is the day companies adjust their prices - especially if holidays aren't selling. Book early and you'll get last night's prices, search after lunch and the prices will have been updated.

Meanwhile, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday are the cheapest days of the week to fly out according to ComparetheMarket. Travel on a Friday or Sunday and you may find you're paying well over the odds, for the exact same journey.

And, if you're travelling in a group, 47-days is the latest you should leave it before booking your flight, otherwise you risk dealing with not only a spike in prices, but scattered availability - and sold out seats.

It's not all about time...

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But it's not just the date and time that can add to your spending. According to, the more you browse a holiday deal - the more you could end up paying.

Why? Some airlines check to see if you've visited before and what you looked at - using browser cookies - in a process called 'dynamic pricing'.

It's the supply and demand model - and how much of the economy works. But, a simple wipe of your browser history and cookies could save you paying out more - and it takes just 11-seconds.

How to clear your browser history

Internet Explorer 11 is the last version of Microsoft's web browser.

To delete your history, click or tap the cog icon at the top right. In older versions of the browser, open the Tools menu instead.

Now choose 'Internet options' and, in the 'browsing history' section, click or tap the 'delete' button. Tick the boxes to choose what to delete then click or tap 'delete'.

In Windows 8.1 click 'settings'. Click 'options' and scroll down the list to find 'history'. Click 'select' and tick the 'browsing history' checkbox and click 'delete'.

If you're using Firefox, open the menu by clicking the button that looks like three lines on top of each other. Point to 'history' and then click 'clear recent history'.

For those on the Chrome browser, click 'Ctrl+H', this will open a 'history' tab. To clear your cache, click the 'clear browsing data' box and select 'cookies and other site plug-in data'. Once done, hit 'clear browsing data' to clear your history.

If Safari is your usual browser, you can clear your history by clicking 'Safari' in the upper left hand side of your screen. In the menu that appears, click 'preferences', followed by 'advanced', then click 'show develop menu in menu bar'. Once done, click out of these pages, hit the 'develop' button on the top of your Mac and hit 'empty caches'.

More clever holiday hacks to help save you a small fortune

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Don't just settle for the airlines you've seen on the TV, or the popular firms running the skies. The deals are hidden in the research - so when you're planning your next break, find out which airlines are running the sales first.

For flights-only bookings, low-cost airlines like easyJet and Ryanair (which often has fares from a fiver) are safe places to start - these airlines mostly travel to Europe. If you're venturing further afield, and are willing to compromise price and a stopover, Wow air and Norwegian will fly as far out as America, for less than £150 return.

For long-haul, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Emirates often run incredible deals to Asia and beyond. You'll notice many of these deals will launch at similar times too.

Travel insiders also recommend Google Flights for holiday hunters. This clever tool offers flash alerts when prices are about to skyrocket, and flags the flights offering the biggest bang for your buck. It's like having your very own travel agent say: "If I were you, I'd do this."

If you're after inspiration, Google Flights also has a handy 'I'm feeling lucky' tab which will bring up the best deals right now. The handy "tip" bar also lets you know how much money you'll save if you're willing to fly earlier, later or from a different airport.

For complex trips like honeymoons and luxury getaways, get a feel for pricing by heading to a few local travel agents. This will give you a good indication of whether the deal you've found online really is good or not, and you'll get an idea of the additional costs to factor into your budget.

There are also ways to make money out of your holiday. Cashback websites like TopCashback and Quidco are free to join - and will pay you to shop through them. So next time you're booking, have a quick search of the rates and the amounts you could earn through booking online.

If you can avoid travelling at weekends you're likely to be able to shave more off the price. Flights in the afternoon are often cheaper and Tuesdays are regarded by travel insiders as the best value day to fly.

For peak holiday seasons, professional flight hacker Jack Sheldon recommends looking just as the flights start showing up (typically 11 to 12 months in advance).

For example, if you looked in September 2016, you could find a ton of cheap fares to all sorts of southern Europe beach destinations for less than £50 for August 2017.

Rough Guides' top 10 countries to visit in 2017
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Rough Guides' top 10 countries to visit in 2017
With India celebrating 70 years of independence this year, and new e-Visas making it easier to visit than ever before, it’s Rough Guides’ top destination for 2017. Come to immerse yourself in the compelling cities of a country racing towards the future at breakneck speed, or to explore off the tourist track in the vast rural areas that remain relatively undiscovered.
There’s never been a better year to visit Scotland. J.K. Rowling fans can trace the author’s inspiration on the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Adventure enthusiasts can go off-grid on an epic road-trip along the Highlands’ new North Coast 500 (hailed as Scotland’s Route 66). And those after more sedate pleasures will find a blossoming food and drink scene, with microbreweries and inventive restaurants popping up across the country.
Canada’s 150th anniversary means a slew of fantastic events this year, showcasing everything from the country’s chart-topping music scene to its magnificent national parks. Yet most deserving of visitors’ attention are new developments in Aboriginal tourism, which offer crucial insight into the history of the people who have preserved these lands for generations – and the the challenges they now face.
Uganda’s incredible biodiversity and spectacular landscapes are finally starting to get the recognition they deserve. In 2017, expect this under-explored country to compete with neighbouring Kenya and Tanzania for international visitors. Unparalleled opportunities to see wildlife conservation up close – notably the magnificent mountain gorillas of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest – are one of the biggest draws. Go now, before the rest of the world catches on.
Whether you want to soak up Bolivia’s truly astonishing scenery or follow in the footsteps of Che Guevara along the “Che Trail” (this year marks the 50th anniversary of his death), make 2017 the year you visit one of South America’s least-appreciated destinations. While visitor numbers remain fairly low, recent droughts mean it’s also more important than ever to invest in the country's wide range of eco-friendly tourism initiatives.
Central America’s largest nation should be top of any adventure traveller’s bucket list in 2017. Nicaragua's new flight routes, affordable prices and some of the region’s most intrepid activities – think sloth-spotting in dense jungle or 'volcano boarding' down an active peak – are just a few of the reasons to come. You’ll find Nicaraguans to be warm and welcoming, and today there’s little to substantiate the country’s reputation as a dangerous destination.
From its booming cities to its balmy coastline, Portugal is thriving. If you’re looking for some of Europe’s best weather and coolest cutting-edge culture, this is the place to come. Check out the burgeoning creative scene in Lisbon, indulge in the country’s food-and-drink capital, Porto, or sample the traditional way of life in little-visited fishing villages on the coast.
There are events aplenty in Finland this year, including celebrations of the country’s centenary of independence and the grand opening of the its fortieth national park. Whatever you come to see, you’ll find Finland to be one of Europe’s most enigmatic destinations. Take time to throw yourself into local life, whether that’s in the front row at a music festival or in a steamy sauna overlooking the Baltic sea.
Tourism in Namibia is finally taking off, and 2017 is a great time to plan a trip. Visit this year to discover a country packed with unforgettable experiences: floating high above the Kalahari in a hot-air balloon; shipwreck-spotting on the almost unfathomable expanse of the Skeleton Coast; walking beneath the sun-blackened trees of Dead Vlei. Whether you’re a budding photographer or adventure-travel addict, you’ll find a trip to remember.

Taiwan’s heady mix of high-tech design, diverse cuisine, ancient sights and untouched countryside is only just starting to get the international recognition that has long been deserved. Get here before visitor numbers skyrocket, and you’ll find some of the world’s best night markets, most beautiful temples and plenty of blissful sub-tropical shores.


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