Dashcam Video Shows Snowplough Getting Run Off Road By Truck

A snowplough driver had a lucky escape after being forced off the road by a truck in the American state of Utah.

Driver Terry Jacobson – who has over 20 years of experience for the Utah Department of Transport – and his truck crashed through a barrier and off a cliff in Spanish Fort Canyon.
The fall for the plough was over 300 feet, with the truck rolling several times before settling at the bottom. Jacobson suffered multiple injuries from the accident but is expected to make a full recovery.

ABC 4 Utah News reported that the driver of the lorry was "cited for multiple violations including improper passing and leaving his lane."

Supervisor Neil Lundell said: "He's bruised up a little bit, he's a little sore I talked to him this morning.

"When I saw it I wondered what was going through Jacobson's mind. I can't imagine how fast it happened. If the lorry driver had stayed behind, Terry would be home tonight, he would have been fine, everything would have been fine."

The incident occurred at about 50mph and at that speed, the 31-ton vehicle swerved and destroyed 75 metres of guard railing.

Written by Jack Healy
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