Why are people are finding money inside laptops?

When you pay money for something, you don't necessarily expect to find money inside it, but that's exactly what is happening with one product on the market.

Coins are turning up in new Mac laptops and the internet is trying to figure out why.

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Owners of Apple MacBooks have been posting pictures like these all over the web from Reddit to Mac forums - and Gizmodo reports that the sightings date back to 2010.

Different national currencies have been represented, and the coins are sparking mystification and conspiracy theories.

But a commenter on Gizmodo's article who claims to have worked for Apple's Genius Bar offers a simple explanation: "We'd find stuff like this all the time," he says.

Adding: "90% of the time, it was the result of kids shoving things in the Optical Drive."

It sounds like it might be worth having a look inside your new laptop before you get to work on it, you never know what you might find!

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