Why you shouldn't put these foods down your sink

Waste disposals are a wonderful invention - but there are certain things that don't belong in there.

According to plumbing experts interviewed by the Daily Mail, you may be contributing to a fatberg.

Oil can resolidify once it hits your pipes, creating a thick coating and causing water to drain more slowly.

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If oil gets down to the sewer level, it congeals into a solid mass, called a fatberg.

Starchy foods, like rice, pasta and potato peels, turn into a gooey mess inside your disposal.

Eggshells do not break down easily, and over time can create a blockage.

And the grounds from daily caffeine fix is another substance that is known to block up sinks.

Celery and asparagus, or any food with a stringy, fibrous texture, is very difficult for the disposal to break down.

Seeds and nuts are too hard to be ground up by your sink's disposal unit.

If you're not putting these items down the sink, then they'll just have to go in the waste bin.

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