Daniel Craig falls out with neighbours over 50-metre tree

Daniel Craig 79th Annual Academy Awards Kodak Theater  Hollywood & Highland Hollywood, CA February 25, 2007
Daniel Craig 79th Annual Academy Awards Kodak Theater Hollywood & Highland Hollywood, CA February 25, 2007

James Bond star Daniel Craig is under fire from neighbours who are demanding that he chop down a tree in the garden of his Camden home.

Alasdair Nisbet, a neighbour of Craig and his wife Rachel Weisz, says the enormous 50-metre plane tree is causing subsidence, and that cracks have been appearing all over his home.

He's also asked for a wisteria, honeysuckle and a group of hornbeams to be removed.

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However, other neighbours of the couple say the tree is a local landmark and are calling for it to stay.

"This tree has been part of my family's life since 1966 when we moved. It has been a feature of our children's growing up, always there as a reminder of the beauty of nature in a dense, central urban environment," writes Colin Jacobson in an official objection to the plan.

"I consider the proposal to fell this tree as being a drastic overreaction to the alleged problems."

In a report to the council, subsidence expert Stuart Harris says that the cracks are clearly caused by the tree.

"In order to stabilise the property and prevent further damage occurring in the future, the cause of the movement needs to be addressed," he says.

Camden Council is now considering the application.

Camden is chock-full of the rich and famous, and they're not slow to defend their properties. Last September, for example, Great British Bake Off star Sue Perkins successfully prevented a nearby pensioner couple from building a bungalow at the bottom of their garden.

In the same month, Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch was finally given permission to add a new extension and boiler room to his Camden home after neighbours kicked up a fuss.

But one of the most amusing battles between celebrity neighbours took place in nearby Holland Park. After Robbie Williams bought the former home of Michael Winner, he submitted plans for extensive alterations, which were approved.

But the work rumbled noisily on for months, infuriating neighbour Jimmy Page, who complained - unsuccessfully - that it should be stopped. Williams has three years to complete the work, the council said.