It's a boy! Berlin zoo welcomes new baby polar bear

Berlin zoo celebrates new arrival


After much guesswork by zoo staff, it has now been confirmed: a polar bear cub at the Berlin's Tierpark is a boy.

"Well, the little cub is a boy," director of Germany's Tierpark zoo, Andreas Knieriem, said on Thursday (January 12).

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The news was confirmed on the zoo's website on Friday (January 13) morning.

Knieriem said he did not want to miss the first medical check-up of the just over 10-week-old cub and together with zoo keeper Detlef Balkow and veterinarian Guenter Strauss Knieriem, he helped measure and weigh the bear.

The team then implanted a chip to be able to identify it.

Despite the little polar bear screeching loudly, his way of growling, the little fellow is apparently doing very well, staff said.

"We have ascertained that it weighs about four and a half kilograms, which is very good," Knieriem said.

Thanks to the nourishing mother's milk with its fat content of about 30 percent, the polar bear cub has gained weight over the last few weeks.

He also measures 67 centimetres from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail.

The zoo also said on its website that polar bear mother, Tonja, was very well prepared for the first short separation from her offspring. The zoo is now searching for a name for the cub.

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