Social media users shame poor parkers

You may have heard of double parking, but a new craze is sweeping the multi-storeys of Britain: parking double.

Motorists worried about their pride and joy have taken to parking across two spaces, in order to avoid potential damage-causing proximity to other vehicles.
However, other drivers have taken offence to this counterproductive habit and begun sharing photos of the silly parking to social media.

One Facebook page in particular, Parking Like a T**t In Doncaster has received an influx of snaps, which show cars parked on pavements, yellow lines and across numerous spaces, including those dedicated to the disabled and families.

Motorcycle and electric vehicle bays are also appear to be fair game to motorists who need somewhere to leave their cars.

And some drivers even appear to have forgotten which angle to park at, stationing their vehicles diagonally, or perpendicular to the bays.

One of the bad parkers, Luke Vardy, 24, from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, was named and shamed by a friend after they spotted a photo of his Vauxhall Astra GTC VXR on the page.

Social media users shame poor parkers
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Social media users shame poor parkers

However, instead of being embarrassed to find himself on the page, the shop assistant proudly admitted to Mercury Press that he deliberately parks his 2013 car in such a way, to prevent it being damaged by "clowns who can't park".

He said: "I park like that every time if I am staying somewhere for any length of time. If I am nipping in a shop for a couple of minutes I might not do it, but if I know I'm going to be a while then I will do it.

"If there was a real shortage of bays available then I might not do it as I would see why people would get annoyed.

"Someone who just can't park properly is annoying but that's not what I'm doing.

"People complain at me and I tell them I have not put it in a disabled bay or anything and it's not harming anyone as there are spaces free anyway.

"I have had comments from people who say things to my face as I walk away from the car but I generally just ignore it. I'm not bothered about what they have to say."

He continued: "Parking like that does work. However it does worry me as someone could be vindictive and deliberately scratch your car as friends have had that happen to them."

"It was with my old Astra that I started parking like this as I used to park normally but after washing it I noticed that it had really bad scratches and dents on the side of it. I realised it was from being parked in carparks - but no one was leaving a note.

"It really annoyed me. I wasn't having it any more, especially not with my new car when it was £16,000,as a scratch or dent can really damage the look of the car."
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