Fancy a life of luxury? Then it's time to move to Wolverhampton

Sarah Coles
Heath Town Estate in Wolverhampton
Heath Town Estate in Wolverhampton

When you consider the best locations for living the high life, Wolverhampton may not be the city that springs to mind. However, a new study has revealed that it's the place in the UK where people have the most cash left over after forking out for the basics. The rest of the top five is fairly unexpected too.

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The figures were put together by TrustDeed Scotland, which explored spare cash in a number of cities around the world. It looked at average net pay, and subtracted rent, supermarket shopping and bills, to discover where people have the most cash left over to spend on the things they really want.

Of the cities they explored in the UK, Wolverhampton came out on top, with average discretionary income of £1,253 a month. Nottingham was second at £1,098, and Plymouth third at £1,043.

UK top 5
1. Wolverhampton
2. Nottingham
3. Plymouth
4. Derby
5. Cardiff

It has published an interactive map, so you can explore the results around the world. Wolverhampton actually made it to number eight in the list of cities with the best discretionary income in the world.

The top 10 worldwide:
1. Yokohama
2. Dallas
3. Canberra
4. Houston
5. Detroit
6. Washington
7. Chicago
8. Wolverhampton
9. Boston
10. Nottingham

At the other end of the spectrum was, perhaps unsurprisingly, London (£172.51), which fell well below second-from-bottom Bristol, coming in at £545.51.

UK bottom 5:

Should you move?

The results demonstrate the power of rent in this calculation. Clearly Londoners can command higher salaries than people living in most other cities in the UK, but the sheer cost of renting a property is enough to leave people with very little cash at the end of the month.

It means that in order to be left with more discretionary cash, you have to find well-paid work in one of the parts of the country where rental property is not in so much demand. This arguably means in some cases, choosing a location that other people may not realise has plenty going for it - like Wolverhampton.

But what do you think? Would you move to these places for a higher discretionary income? Let us know in the comments.