Where's Wally? Man in costume leads police on goose chase before surrendering

A man who led police on a wild goose chase after he skipped a court date finally handed himself in - while dressed as the fictional character Wally.

JJ McMenamin, 30, was due to appear in court in Yorkshire for alleged driving offences. However, when he failed to show, police began to search for him.
After dressing up as Wally, McMenamin changed his Facebook profile picture to a photo of himself dressed as the children's book character, and added the description of 'Hide and Seek champion' to his page.

After evading police and sniffer dogs, McMenamin decided to hand himself in, but not before making one last dig at the force.

Live streaming himself on the way to surrender, McMenamin commented: "Oh, we're a bit lost. You know if it gets any later, I would have been caught."

Police later revealed on social media that a man had been arrested after handing himself in, however did not confirm whether he was dressed as Wally.
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