How much for a box at the Royal Albert Hall? Brace yourself!

Box at the Royal Albert Hall for sale
Box at the Royal Albert Hall for sale

Just how much do you love culture? And how much would you be willing to pay for it? To be exact, how much would you pay for a Grand Tier box at the Royal Albert Hall (on the same level as the Queen's)?

How about £2.5 million?

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For this incredible sum, you would get 12 seats in an enviable position, for around two thirds of all performances at the venue. Given the fact it is the setting for so many iconic events - one of the best seats in the house could bring you all the culture you ever dreamed of.

The extra costs

Part of the responsibility of buying a seat at the hall (there are 1276 of them owned by individuals) is contributing to the upkeep of the Hall - which works out as roughly £500 per seat per year (although you get a third of this back to reflect the fact you don't get a ticket for every performance). With 12 seats in the box, you'd also have to factor in an annual cost of around £4,000.

Of course, if you don't plan to go to every show, you can get the Royal Albert Hall to sell your tickets on for specific performances. You would get a share of the sale price, which could easily cover your ongoing annual cost.


The box could also prove an investment, as the last time a box on the Grand Tier went up for sale (this one only had ten seats) was in 2008, when it was on the market for £1.2 million. The rising price is impressive enough to appeal to an investor - and is a reflection of the fact that boxes like this don't usually hit the market, because they tend to be passed down through the family.

Of course, if you're after an investment and have £2.5 million burning a hole in your pocket, there are plenty of other options. In the art world you could have picked up Tracey Emin's bed for £2.2 million. Alternatively you could plump for a large detached property within easy reach of London, or just ten of the UK's average priced properties.

For that reason, Harrods Estates, which is selling the box, expects it to go to someone with a passion for the place, and for the performances - rather than someone who sees it strictly as an investment - or just anther trinket for their billionaire toy box.