Rolls-Royce to remain based in the UK after 'remarkable' sales

A white Ghost made for a client to mark the 50th anniversary of the state of Singapore photographed at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Goodwood, West Sussex.
Picture date: Wednesday July 1, 2015.
Photograph by Christopher Ison ©

Following Rolls-Royce's second highest sales record in over a century, its chief executive has pledged to keep the brand based in Britain.

In 2016 the West Sussex based car maker, which is owned by German giant BMW, sold 4,011 cars in more than 50 countries. This represented a six per cent increase on sales in 2016.
While this increase may seem modest, in certain markets this rise has been much more significant. The carmaker saw its largest sales spike, of 51 per cent, in Japan, followed by a 30 per cent rise in Germany and a 26 per cent rise in its home market, and sales hikes of 23 per cent and 10 per cent in China and the US respectively.

These rising sales figures came in a year of challenging market condition for luxury goods, due in part to economic and political uncertainties. Brexit in particular, raised the issue of whether foreign owned firms will continue to manufacturer in Britain, if the Government opts to leave the EU's single market. This would mean exported goods would be subject to higher tariffs. However, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars chief executive Torsten Muller-Otvos dispelled any rumours that the company may consider relocating its employment base. He said: "This remarkable result emphatically affirms the global appeal of the very finest British luxury goods to the world's most discerning patrons.

"We are deeply committed to a long term, sustainable, successful growth strategy and this result, amidst a backdrop of global uncertainty, affirms this approach. 2016 has proven the perfect year to sign off the successful first chapter of the renaissance of Rolls-Royce.

"Success for Rolls-Royce is success for Great Britain and we reaffirm our commitment to maintaining the home of Rolls-Royce in the UK."

In fact, the company is reportedly planning to extend its 30,000 square metre Technology and Logistics Centre in Bognor Regis by nearly 10,000 square metres in 2017, in order to meet growing demand and prepare for future models.
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