Skiers trigger mini avalanche

Jay and his fellow skier were on Mount Saint Helens in Washington State, where they noticed unstable conditions throughout the day.

The pair then managed to trigger a small avalanche, all of which was caught on film.

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The skier in the footage can be seen treading across the snow briefly before a wedge of the powder slips away from him.

Luckily the man manages to keep his balance, remain upright and avoid slipping down the mountain with the snow.

Jay, who posted the video on YouTube, estimates the avalanche left a gap of up to 18 inches deep and 50 feet across in the snow.

10 adrenaline rush activities
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10 adrenaline rush activities

A glacier is a living being, they flow slowly and weather from above. They are constantly evolving. Jet yourself over to the Westland Tai Poutini National Park in New Zealand and trek across the ever-changing, but always beautiful Fox Glacier.

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Head to Calgary and jump aboard a bobsleigh as it hurtles down Canada Olympic Park’s track at speeds of up to 75 mph. The good news? The driver’s a professional. The bad news? The 14-turn ride only lasts 60 seconds, and is not for the easily dizzied.

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Sledding may traditionally be a solo affair, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a lone wolf. Head to Alaska’s Exit Glacier in the Kenai Fjords National Park and you can cruise across the icy terrain with your eight new furry friends.

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For anyone who’s tried, cycling through snow can be a bit risky and not that easy! Avoid disaster and get yourself a fat bike. These bikes are basically the same as a normal bike only with beefed up tires that make it easy to venture across snowy terrains. 

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If you really want to take things to the extreme this winter, heli-skiing might just be up to scratch. Beyond making your typical action movie stuntman jealous, a helicopter is much quicker alternative to queuing for the chairlift in-between slopes. Not every ski resort allows this, so head to Banff in Alberta and take yourself for a spin.

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Fancy something a bit different? Head to Colorado for a wall or cliff-side covered in shimmering ice. Yes, it’s extremely slippery, but those less-daring shouldn’t worry: visit in January for the Ouray Ice Festival and you can relax with a hot chocolate and watch other thrill-seekers mounting the ice instead.
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At 4,810.45m Mont Blanc is the mightiest peak in the Alps, and all of Europe. Put your vertigo to the test and join a mountaineering course with a guided ascent. You’ll walk back down with your head held high and amazing memories of the incredible vistas you encountered.

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We’ve all tried looking cool while walking over fresh snow, only to find that it is much, much deeper than expected. Don’t get stuck this year. Grab yourself a pair of snowshoes and glide with ease over Yosemite National Park.

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If doing laps of an ice rink isn't exciting enough for you why not try upping your game and go on a freestyle route around the frozen lakes of Finland’s Åland Islands.

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The trouble with skis is they only take you downhill. Take a turn for the better, and shuffle your way around the Jotunheimen National Park in Norway, cross-country style. It’ll be the workout of your life, but the views and gliding over the velvety snow is totally worth the pain.

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