KFC uses facial recognition technology to suggest customer orders

KFC China has started using a new kind of technology to deliver a new type of experience for its customers.

Believe it or not, if you stop in to order chicken at the KFC in Beijing's Fuxingmen district, you will have your face scanned and the KFC computer will recommend a meal for you based on your appearance.

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The facial recognition technology is designed to remember customer's faces as well as their orders and to make suggestions based on customer data gathered over time.

The Kentucky Fried Chicken Chinese branch has partnered with the country's search giant Baidu to build a new location for its artificial intelligence and augmented reality technology.

The new device is capable of analysing a customers's facial features, and makes use of traits such as age, gender and facial expression to determine what each person should be eating at any given time.

The ability of artificial intelligence to detect behavioural traits using physical variables, called physiognomy, has not yet been developed to be completely effective.

KFC China's pioneering use of facial recognition technology is certainly going to change customer experience and may even change how we think about fast food in general.

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