What happens if you throw a car's keyless entry fob out while moving?

Anyone who has ever driven a car with 'keyless entry' has probably wondered what would happen if they removed the key from the car while it was still turned on.

Well, one YouTube user decided to find out what his Ford Fusion would do in such a case and filmed the result.
He got into the car and turned it on, then threw his key fob out of the window and to the grass. Unsurprisingly, the car didn't turn itself off immediately after losing the key's signal – if the key had been lost on the motorway, for example, the result of the engine switching off straight away could be disastrous.

However, as the driver continues on his journey the car doesn't alert him to the fact the key is missing. This could be troublesome, because if the key is lost accidentally then the driver wouldn't know until they'd reached their destination, turned the car off, and then couldn't turn it back on again.

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