Horse spotted getting onto London bus

Horse spotted getting on a London bus

There are a few things you may expect to run into on your morning commute through London, stressed travellers and cars stuck in traffic to mention a few.

But, one thing you definitely wouldn't expect to come across is a horse. Not just a horse, but a horse apparently boarding a bus!

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This is exactly what happened in central London yesterday and luckily a member of the public was there to snap the bizarre incident.

Simon Crowcroft spotted the horse, who works for the Met Police, with it's heading poking inside one of TFL's iconic red London buses.
He posted the above image on Twitter along with the caption: "Horse entering bus in Islington this morning @TfL".

He later posted another image of the horse from a different angle, this time saying: "Another shot of #policehorse Invictor from this morning."
The Met Task Force were quick to respond on the social media platform, retweeting the image and explaining that Invictor the horse was helping PC Dan Smith with a passenger who had collapsed on the bus.

Simon Cowcroft, who lives in St. Helier, Jersey, told the Islington Gazette: "We had actually got lost when we came across this strange scene of a horse appearing to get on a bus outside Sainsbury's."

He added: "You couldn't see anything inside the bus, as a big horse was in the way. But it was obvious a mounted police officer was assisting at the scene."

The Standard report that the person who was taken ill was treated by the ambulance service on the scene.

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