Reckless Mini driver hits pedestrian during New Year's Eve celebrations

A Mini driver appeared to knock over a pedestrian in between pulling handbrake turns outside a pub on New Year's Eve.

The incident was caught on camera by a passer-by, as the blue Mini Cooper revved its engine and raced up and down the street in Crumpsall, Manchester.
In the clip, the driver pulls multiple handbrake turns and appears to be driving towards pedestrians as fireworks go off in the sky above. At one point the supermini reverses and appears to knock one person to the floor.

It then drives directly towards revellers on the pavement before reversing once more as a passer-by tries to get to the driver.

People can be heard shouting and screaming as the driver accelerates away, but they quickly return and pull another handbrake turn outside the pub before leaving the scene.

Greater Manchester Police have not commented on the incident.

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